Roof Service and Maintenance


What Do Roofs and Cars Have in Common?

We offer a free roof maintenance checklist, just e-mail us for a copy. Don't wait for a "leaky roof", be prepared. We also provide a roof survey and estimate free of charge. Call us toll free at 888-858-5544 or e-mail us at

We focus on roof maintenance work as well as doing industrial, commercial, and institutional roofing. By providing roof maintenance, we are able to help clients lower their long-term roofing costs. We respond when our customers need us. Our maintenance services are available 24-hours a day in our service area. Service work is a priority for Lawmasters Inc.


Troy K. Lawmaster is the manager of the Roof Maintenance Division. He provides building owners with roof maintenance options that will lower their life-cycle costs and reduce the likelihood of mold formation. In addition, Lawmaster administers the 24-hour emergency leak response program. The Lawmaster Roof Maintenance Division may be contacted by calling 295-3900 or 888-858-5544 for assistance.

Examples of Roof Problems and How We Fixed Them

We can provide an Annual Service Plan

Set up on one year increments, you'll enjoy the peace of mind of a Service Plan which would include immediate response to any roofing problems. In the event of sudden water intrusion, you are assured of priority attention from a qualified company that knows your roof.

If you would like a Lawmasters representative to contact you about preventative maintenance, give us a call toll free at 888-858-5544 or e-mail us at