Lawmasters Inc. bldgWhat Do Roofs and Cars
Have in Common?


They both can be very expensive to repair and cause big aggravation when they don’t function properly. Do flat roofs ever leak or do cars ever break down?

Yes, most commercial building owners that have flat roofs do have leaks……….sooner or later! The real problem is that many owners let it leak too long without repairing the roof and then have to replace the entire roof before its normal service life is over. This expensive procedure can usually be avoided if owners maintained their roof more often.

Everyone knows that your car must be maintained and serviced regularly or it will not operate properly. Roofs are no different! Very few things are more aggravating than having water leak into your building during a rainfall. It damages your interior furnishings, ruins expensive equipment, soaks the inventory, disrupts your business, lowers morale and is one big headache! It can be avoided by having the roof inspected and maintained by a quality contractor who specializes in repair and maintenance.

One local contractor, Lawmasters Inc. in Elkhart created a Roof Maintenance Division to provide their customers this valuable cost-saving service. Lee Anglin, the company president, stated “Over the last 35 years that I have been in the commercial roofing business I have had to tear off too many good roofs that could have been saved if the owners had just maintained them better.”

With the current economy, owners must be more cost conscious now than ever in extending the life of all their assets……… whether it is their vehicle or the roof on their building. While a roofing company like Lawmasters has no experience in servicing their customer’s vehicles, they do have the expertise to service their roofs. Due to this need they now provide:

  • 24-hour emergency leak service.
  • Free roof inspection.
  • Preventative maintenance programs for their customers.

Lee Anglin went on to say, “We have seen the need to make the investment to hire new people, create a new division, and add the necessary equipment to help our customers protect their investment. Roofs are generally out-of-sight and out-of-mind………until they leak…and when it rains – it pours!”

So the moral of this story is……… the next time you take your vehicle to get serviced, you might want to think about getting your roof also serviced…before it's too late! Surveys show that up to 43% of roofs can be saved if owners don’t wait too long. It’s the old saying…pay a little now or a lot later…whether it is your roof or your car.